Thursday 7 June 2012

Baby him/her

Baby him (Gilles Alan Henry)

Baby her (Keri-Anne)

There is no doubt that Elle is her daddy through and through. When she was younger, i used to be relieved that she had one feature from me - her bright blue eyes! Well, as she has gotten older, they have changed to her daddies eye colour, a light green/grey.
Mia is a different matter though. We just cannot figure out who she looks like. I just assumed that i would always had red headed babies but hers is a light brown. She does have my blue eyes though. Apart from that, i just cannot see any similarities between Mia and Gilles and i. She does have her sister and daddies feistyness though. All three of them are very stubborn and short fused.

It is so exciting though watching both of them grow and trying to pin point looks and personailities to us both. Right now, Mia has bright blue eyes like mine and i am hoping and praying they stay blue so atleast one of them ends up with my eyes. I think the only similarity between Elle and i are our ear shapes!! Can you tell i have been checking everything! She even has the exact same freckle mask under her eyes as her daddy! It does make me curious as to what a third would look like or even if we had a boy. We are not planning anymore children though so i guess i will never find out. But i can imagine a little freckly, auburn boy just like Gilles but with my blue eyes :)



  1. Oh my gosh, Elle really is her Daddy!

  2. If you'd told me that top photo WAS Elle, i probably wouldn't have questioned you. What amazing similarities!



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