Tuesday 12 June 2012

A heartfelt letter

This is a heartfelt letter: To the stupid yobs that ride their stupid motorbikes around the lakes as we are trying to have a little picnic with the swans!!


I am a mummy of two beautiful girls. My eldest loves being by the water. One of her favourite things to do is to come up to the lake with her picnic all packed and sit by the water watching the swans and trying to see if she can spot any fishies with her daddy.
12 months ago, we were having a lovely day. She was smiling, laughing and having a great time with her yaya, mummy and sister. That is until you thought you were big and clever and raced your silly offroad bikes past us and scared her to absolute death! I have never seen her look so scared and she cried. Really hard! She gripped her yayas hand so tight and cried all the way home. And the tears didnt stop there. She cried all night, she didnt sleep. She has night terrors anyway and she would wake up crying and telling me the motorbikes where in her room, scaring her. Even now, a year later, anytime a motorbike goes past or starts up their engine near us, she is terrifed. Her eyes go wide, she jumps a mile and grabs hold of my hands.

When this summer weather comes back, we are planning on a few picnics and bbqs up by the water, but i will always be cautious to you silly boys who think it is funny and clever to ride your bikes around with no care in the world for what trail of destruction you leave behind you.

Elle was just one little girl on one afternoon. How many other children had nightmares and jump when ever they see a bike because of you?

I know it still affects her, as we were walking around the lake a few weeks back when she announced that she didnt want the bikes to come and scare her.

So thank you. Thank you for being such idiots. I would love if you could have seen the next 12 hours that followed after you rode past us that day. Maybe then, you would think about your actions next time.


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