Friday 11 May 2012

little hanging birds DIY

When Ruby Ellen from Cakies posted this wonderful tutorial on how to make a sweet little bird hanging, i just had to do this with Elle today during our craft time. I had these little birds, but never really knew what to do with them, so this was just PERFECT! And now we have these little sweeties hanging in Elle's room ( we did have a third, but one of our cats got a little too excited by it. She stole it and ran outside and has hidden it!). If we find the third one, we shall be making a smaller one for Mia's room.

Mia goes for a nap after lunch, so i have set that time aside for craft time with Elle. I have pinned alot of DIY's on my pinterest, so we are sure to make our way through them over the next few weeks!

Be sure to pop over to Cakies and have a little look yourself on how to make these wonderful hangings.



  1. That looks so pretty! What a lovely project to do with Elle - not so hard that she can't join in, nor so easy that it's just "splodging paint" stuff. With a great result at the end, that she can admire and feel proud of.
    Well done to Mummy and Elle!

    1. Thank you aunty. She loved doing it. We have our craft times during Mias nap now and she always looks forward to it :)



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