Monday 21 May 2012

in the bluebells

In the last week, i have had three childrens photoshoots. I wanted to share a few of the images with you all. The bluebells are still out at the moment and have been in all three of my shoots. I just cannot get enough of them.

I am so pleased with this weeks images. I got to work with such sweet children and one of the little boys is Elle's birth buddy. They are two hours apart!

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  1. Hi lovely
    So nice to see hat you've been working on.
    They are such sweet "models", and you've captured them
    so beautifully. Such good timing to have the bluebells still out.
    Love kat xox

    1. thank you sweet Kat.
      I am so grateful for your lovely comment x

  2. What a gorgeous lot of photos! I am filled with admiration - your photos are just wonderful and get better and better...
    Love the bluebells too! XXX

    1. thank you aunty! i am very pleased with them x



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