Wednesday 8 February 2012

Paperboat mobile

Today, i made a little paperboat mobile for Elle's bedroom to hang from her lightshade. It isnt technially done. Its just twigs and string and paper.

I used an old nursery rhyme book i found at a charity shop for the paper. There were some lovely little rhymes that i picked out for the boats. I used this tutorial on youtube to make the boats. I used a needle to thread string through the top of the boat and then tied the two ends together so it would just hang over the twig. I tied two twigs together in a cross and made up 4 little boats. i hung the boats over the ends of the twigs and hung the mobile up on the lampshade.

It's such a simple and easy thing to do and looks wonderful in her room now. I hoping to make one for Mia's room too and maybe some garland for above our head. A house can never have too many paper boats x



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