Friday 24 February 2012

11 months

11 months! That is one whole month until she is one year old.

Dear Mia,

This time last year, i was so excited to meet you! i dreamed every night about what you would look like and how you would be. And now you are nearly one and you are just becoming more and more wonderful every day.
You have such perfect rosebud lips. Beautiful blue eyes and when you eat, you scrunch your little nose up.
You can say so many words already. Just today, you learnt to say no. I had to say it to you as you tried to eat the cat food for the hundreth time and you looked at me and kept saying "no no no" and then giggled at yourself as i got excited!
When you have a bath, you scoot on your knees right up to the end of the bath tub, pull yourself up at the end on your knees and slide down the slope on your tummy. You think this is the funniest thing. you also like putting your face in the water and giggle so hard.
You love shouting! You have definitely found your voice.
You are very much a mummys girl which is good as your sister is a daddys girl. You sit on the floor with your arms in the air when ever you see me and are happiest being held.

Mia, i cannot wait to see what sort of person you are going to blossom into. You are such a sweet, senstive little soul and me, your daddy and your sister love you so very much!




  1. Your girls are going to treasure this blog, when they are big girls!
    Lovely letter to Mia - and it's exciting to read all the things she is learning to do and say. How long is it since I saw you all.... I will see you next Saturday though! XX

    1. thank you aunty! It has been such a long time. I think it was beginning of january when we came to you for our christmas! i miss you very much. Its friday next week isnt it? Alexies birthday x

  2. What precious memories your girls will get to look back on. Things they won't remember but they will get see how special they were and are to their mum... It warms my heart!

  3. Miss Mia is so pretty, such depth in those beautiful blue eyes
    Kat x



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