Tuesday 31 January 2012

A book about me.

A few years ago, a lovely girl contacted me to say that she was studying in Paris and for part of her work, she had to write a book. She chose to write a book on me! She included alot of my photographs and some of my writing that she took from my blog at the time.
It feels quite surreal to know that there is a book somewhere in the world all about you! She kindly sent me these pictures she took of the finished book. I havent included all the pages as there are quite alot more.

I had completely forgotten about this until i was going through some photograph files on my computer and came across them. I love they way the book is put together and i feel honoured to be the subject :)



  1. I remember this, she did it beautifully, though I did think
    at the time that she should have asked your permission
    to use your words & photos. I would've found it a little intrusive
    if someone had done it with my work honey. I guess she's just an
    admirerer from afar away place.
    I love the book you did that I got from blurb.
    Love kat x

  2. So awesome!!! Love your photography!



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