Monday 17 October 2011

Hello Autumn

What better way to bring in autumn, then with a family walk in the woods. I just cannot believe how warm and lovely october has been. Normally, we are all wrapped up in scarves and hats by now but hello sunshine and hello no coats! I guess the minus degree weather is on its way though! So, happy autumn everyone.

And here is Elle two autumns ago at just one year old!



  1. love that picture at the top. how adorable is her outfit! wish i had a pretty dress like that one.

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the quality of light, so pretty. Em x

  3. They're growing up so quickly! Beautiful photos :) And love the dog! Is that yours?

  4. It's just a little thing...but I LOVE how her hair tones in with the colour of autumn leaves, it's perfect :)
    The different way you have light in each of the images is also so beautiful.
    Hope you realise how good you are at childhood photography hun
    Love kat xoxo

  5. Beautiful pictures?!

    Is that a greyhound or a whippet that she's walking?

  6. super fun! I really need to make one for my girls (and get a card table too I guess) :) table tents



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