Tuesday 13 September 2011

Pinwheels: Tutorial

I have made some pinwheels for Elle's party and thought i would share a little tutorial on how to make them!

You will need:

 1. Some sheets of scrapbooking style card
2. Some scewers/sticks
3. a pen
4. a ruler/tape measure
5. cellotape
6. glue
7. Some decorations for the middle. I have used buttons

First, you will need a square piece of card of your size choice. I have used 3.5 inches squared. Once you have cut out your card, fold one corner to the other, unfold and then do the opposite corners. You will end up with a cross crease once laid back flat.

Starting from the middle, measure along each crease and mark 14mm (which is the second line to the left of the 1 inch mark). Do this along all 4 creases.

Next, you want to cut up the crease to the mark.

So this is what your pinwheel should look like at the moment.

Next, fold up the card from the cut part up along the middle.

Place a bit of glue in the centre and then at the end of the triangle you are going to fold up

Fold all four points in

So, here is your pinwheel. Now we need to add the decoration and the stick :)

Your pinwheel is complete! And here is the reaction i got when Elle saw it (she was hovering over me the whole time i was making this pinwheel for the tutorial and asking "mummy, what are you doing nowwww" "is it finished yet, i want to playyyyy!"


Oh, and please don't forget about the giveaway will you?



  1. aww i love this!! i will definitely be making some :) and elle looks so happy with hers! x x x

  2. Love the pinwheels!!! And I love the pics of the darling Elle even more.

  3. These pinwheels are adorable and wayyy cuter than the dollar store ones I used for my Little Missy's birthday party!



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