Monday 5 September 2011

No more kisses

The worse "medicine" that a doctor can give you is "you can't kiss your babies for atleast a week!".

Both Elle and Mia have coughs. I have been giving them medicine at home and lots of cuddles and kisses but today Mia started coughing that much that she kept bringing up her milk. I rang the doctors and got us an appointment for this evening.
Luckily, both girls just have colds and it isnt their chests or anything viral. But the doctor looked at me and said that i have a nasty case of infantigo. I just thought i had a coldsore but he said that i needed to put a special acid cream on it throughout the day and "no kissing anyone for a week!".


Yesterday Mia got her very first tooth through and has been wanting extra cuddles and kisses today as well as feeling poorly with her cold. We have all spent the afternoon cuddling and kissing but to be told that if i kiss them, i will probably pass on the infantigo. It is very contagious. I feel like crying. Putting the girls to bed this evening was heartbreaking. Elle leant in for a kiss and i couldnt kiss her! Mia got upset after her feed and i couldnt kiss her!

Please let this stupid infection clear up FAST! its been less than two hours, but i miss those baby kisses already! Look at those little faces. How am i going to last a week without giving them my kisses?



  1. Oh poor you! Impetigo is very infectious, unfortunately and Elle could pass it on at nursery. It can make babies feel poorly, so you'd better do as the Dr. says. Funny that you have it, rather than Elle - I'd have thought it was a cold sore too, if it was me. J. had impetigo once, when he was smaller. He had antibiotic cream to clear it up and he hasn't had it again. Hopefully, once you get rid of yours, it wont' come back (unlike cold sores - but then, if you have a cold sore, you shouldn't really kiss your babies either!).

  2. Aww bless ya, hope it clears up quickly for you and your girls feel better soon .. I'd be the same if I couldn't kiss Joshy for a day {I spend all day kissing him lol}
    x x x x

  3. Oh how awful.
    I've had a few cold sores since Lucy has been born and it is utter torment not being able to kiss her.
    You'll just have to make up for it next week :)

  4. Praying for you!! I am so sorry! What a suck, suck, sucky thing to have to do... no kissing for a week? Torture for a mama.
    Lovely pics of the babies. Mia is soooooo adorable. I can't believe she has her first tooth! Snow (my baby) is 8 months old and still nothing.

  5. I hope it clears up soon. I'm sure it must be heartbreaking to not be able to comfort your girls the way you want to.

  6. :-( It must be so hard to stop yourself kissing them! Are you allowed to rub noses with them and give them an eskimo kiss?



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