Tuesday 27 September 2011

iphone cases: gingerlillytea

I have started selling my photography pieces on iphone cases/skins! Its very exciting and i love the way they are turning out. You can view the collection and purchase here
I will also be selling my work as laptop and ipad skins also. I have one up at the moment to get feedback and then will be adding more over the next few days.

I have neglected my photography for a long time! When i became pregnant with Mia, i just lost all passion for it. I don't know if it was actual lack of passion for photography itself or just the general tiredness and run down feeling i had throughout my whole pregnancy which caused me not to want to take photographs. But slowly, i am dabbling in it again and finding that i love it all over again!

I do sell my work here if you are interested in purchasing prints, or view my whole body of work here

Oh, and thank you for reading my little plug! :)



  1. lovely phone cases and photography! will u be making them for other phones? i have blackberry

  2. Oh, I wish I had an iPhone!!! These are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. coolest idea ever! someday i'm gonna copy you! lol



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