Tuesday 2 August 2011


Little Mia has a fever. This heat is so crazy. Here in england, we are NOT used to 30 degree weather and nor are my little babies. She started burning up yesterday evening and wouldnt nurse. Her whole body went red and it felt like she was melting my arm when i held her. We bathed her and gave her calpol but her temperature was still high. She fell asleep in her basket but woke a few hours later all sticky and hot. We managed to get through the rest of the night ok but this morning, she was upset and burning up again.

I gave her another bath and then called the doctors who asked her to go in as her temp was high. Mia was asleep in her buggy so the doctor pressed her tummy, touched her head and declared there was nothing wrong. Then he turned his attention to me. Telling me my hair was nice, asking about my nipples! and THEN he grabbed my hand and got me to feel his stomach. I dont like that doctor atall and try to avoid him but we were lucky to get an emergency appointment so had to see him. He did praise me for breastfeeding though and told me that looking at how happy Elle was, that i must be a good mother. He is my husbands family doctor and has treated Gilles since he was a baby.

Now i am going to bath and try and get Mia down to bed now.



  1. Fevers are scary! I am praying for you and your little Mia!! Your doctor sounds nuts. I am sorry, that is probably a rude thing to say. But here in the US if a doctor acted like that he just might get booted out of practice. Keep us updated on Mia. Hang in there mama!!

  2. Wow, that doctor sounds like a creep! I hope Mia feels better soon. Fevers are so scary.

  3. please - fire that doctor!!!


  4. I think you should mention his actions to a female member of staff at the surgery. Afterall you are of an age where you could choose to walk out, but what if a young teenage girl went and he asked her to do something inappropriate - like undress when it wasn't necessary etc
    It needs reporting even if you don't do it officially.



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