Monday 8 August 2011

cupcake days

Cupcake baking in our house is becoming a very regular thing. I just love to bake and recently ordered these lovely libery and cath kidston design flags. I just had to try them out.
Some days i can just see myself owning a little bakery with chickens in the garden to provide the daily eggs. Maybe some day that might happen.
This autumn and winter, i am going to try out jams and pies too.

Please don't forget about the little fox giveaway. Tomorrow is the lasy day to enter.

Here is my entry to the paper mamas photo contest

The Paper Mama



  1. Love the little flags and the mesh cover - simply adorable!

  2. The cupcakes look wonderful!! And what a beautiful photo:)

  3. Oh, more yummy cupcakes... sigh... You are doing so well at this!

    By the way, seeing your link to a photo competition, there is a competition being run by the BBC's "Countryfile" programme. I really think you should enter (up to 4 photos, your own interpretation of the theme "Best in Show" - people have entered all sorts of photos, not just "show" pictures - see the rules link too).

    The prize is £1000 worth of photographic equipment! Do have a go, but you need to send them in by Friday!

  4. thank you everyone. Laura, i dont sell my cupcakes darling.
    Aunty, thank you for that. ill look into it tonight :) x

  5. Beautiful cupcakes, beautiful entry. I hope you win!!
    PS: Is Mia all better?

  6. Those cupcakes look delious! Makes me want a cupcake gahhh! and i love that last picture!

    In our sea of love



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