Monday 22 August 2011

A favourite thing: Teaparties

Elle and i share a love for teaparties. She has three china sets and a few plastic sets now and it is one of her favourite things to do. She sets all her toys up and has teaparties and once she is down in bed, you think she might be sleeping but she is actually having a teaparty on her floor. We go and check on her before we go to bed and there are all her toys each with their little place setting on a teacup and saucer.

Now, her imagination is starting to develop, she makes us all cups of tea and gives us puddings in the bowls (normally banana and custard).
I am so excited for her birthday party as it will be a fairy teaparty in the woods! She is just going to love it!

Here she is over the last two years having her teaparties.

And here is her new set.



  1. That is too cute! She is so perfect. I love when kids pretend. I think it's adorable! These pictures are beautiful!!

    In our sea of love

  2. aww this is so sweet!! she looks so cute with her little sets :) if i have a little girl, i hope she likes to have little tea parties like this too. so adorable!! x x x

  3. Such a beautiful blog post... I have really enjoyed seeing Elle and her tea parties. I love tea parties too, and have a pot of tea each afternoon, just because! Em x

  4. This is so sweet!!! What a precious girl!

  5. How much fun are little girls! These pictures are adorable!

  6. Elle is so beautiful! I love these tea party pics! I have a tom-boy on my hands... she loves all things sporty. No tea parties for me. They look fun!!

  7. How beautiful are these pictures ! I love the tea party out in the meadow. It looks like something from a story-book. And why shouldn't it be :) She looks like she is having so much fun !! A-dorable.

  8. That second picture of her is so beautiful!!! And that is so sweet.. I hope I have a little girl one day; I'd have so much fun!

    Loved the post, as always! :P




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