Friday 22 July 2011

Vintage finds

I am obbessed with second hand. I love finding unique clothing and especially for the girls. Today i found a vintage Zara dress for Mia. I have previously found other beautiful dresses, rompers, cardigans! i love knowing that i can have £20 and know i can buy quite a few items instead of one top that the high street stores seem to be charging!
What have been your favourite finds?

Here is a little insight to my last few days. No heat curls, funny faces and baby snuggles.

Please excuse the forehead wrinkles! since i turned twenty five, they just seemed to have appeared!


  1. I love your curls :) and those dresses and rompers are delightful!! Your girls are both so sweet too xxx

  2. Eeek! were the curls from the tutorial i put on fb?? i loved my hair when i did it! hehe. im doing it now so i wake up with yummy hair!

    i buy alot of kitchen ware from thrifty shops, i got a brilliant Denby vegetable server which looked unused like it was sitting in someones cupboard! and a beautiful plain yellow vase for 50p! xx

  3. helen, i didnt see your tutorial? was it the hippy headband one that you wrap your hair around? i found it through irocksowhat blog and the tutorial was on youtube x

  4. I love those sweet dresses!!!


  5. Beeeeeeeautiful dresses, curls, freckles, and thumb-sucking babies!! :) I didn't see any wrinkles, but just so you don't feel alone, I have TONS on the forehead!! And I'm only 26.

  6. hehe yes Keri! its amazing isn't it!
    i love the curls on you better than it looked on me, mine were all frizzy as i move around alot in my sleep! hehe. :) xxx



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