Wednesday 13 July 2011

The T word

We are finally toilet training Elle. My goodness its hard work!
We actually started back in november as she decided she didnt want nappies anymore so we did a weeks training and i think it caused more damage then good. We both ended up in tears after everyday as she wasnt ready but i didnt realise and i put too much pressure on her which made me feel like a bad mummy. She would then cry when she had an accident.

This time, i have waited for her to be fully ready. I still dont think she is 100% but she is refusing nappies and wants to sit on the toilet all the time. There has been lots of accidents since sunday but also lots of catching it in time and i am so proud of her. She has her tinkerbell, repunzel and disney princess pants and looks so grown up wearing them!
She went to nursery today and had lots of accidents poor girl but she did go on the potty lots also. I feel alot more relaxed this time. Alot of my mummy friends were training their little ones in november and i felt so much pressure to do the same and didnt understand why Elle wasnt ready but this time i am going in with no expectations of her and will take it at her pace and if she has an accident, then its not the end of the world!

I shall be keeping this blog up to date with her progress. Either way, i am just so proud of her recently. We had a double buggy for her and Mia but she now likes to walk everywhere so we have bought a single buggy for Mia and Elle is now walking. I cannot believe she will be three in september! i am so glad i already have another baby to go through this all again or i might just cry everyday. She really isnt a baby anymore and is becoming a big girl!



  1. Hang in there both of you...Lily was exactly the same I tried back before Christmas thinking she was ready but she wasn't well it was a mixture of that and me not knowing that she has a really big/strong bladder and can go hours without needing the loo (just like me actually!!)and so me constantly asking her to go was getting her so frustrated! Lots of tears shed on both parts but we tried again in February and never looked back! Toilet training has to be the hardest milestone I've gone through with Lily but we got there and the thing that has surprised me most is she has night time trained herself too just recently when I was thinking we wouldn't go there for a long time! I actually think my Mia will be easier to train as she copies everything her big sister does and already sits on the potty of her own accord at just 14months! Good luck to both you and Elle who is doing so so well xxx

  2. Don't worry, she will get there in her own good time. A good tip if she is having accidents is to get her to wear jogging bottoms as they are great and soaking up accidents :-)



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