Monday 25 July 2011

4 months

Dear Mia,

Yesterday you turned four months. Four months you have made mine, your daddys and your sisters world that more wonderful. Your eyes are getting so blue. Gosh, you have some cheeks on you and i believe there is a whole other world under that chin(s)!
Last week we moved you out of your moses basket next to my bed and put you in your crib against the wall, but you havent slept though since. You would wake up upset and i missed you not being right by me. Last night i put you back in your basket even though you really are too big but you slept all through the night.  Thank you for that sleep.
Your hair is getting lighter. I still cannot believe you dont have the auburn hair like your sister and daddy. You have a bald patch at the back where it is falling out.
You can nearly roll. You get to your side and just kind of stay there all relaxed and you often fall asleep in this position too.
Your skin is llike ivory. I can pratically see through you!
So four months. Its gone by so quick yet it seems like you have been here forever. We all love you so much darling girl.

Love your mummy x


  1. so beautiful, you really have the most gorgeous daughters x x x

  2. She is just so beautiful. Those cheeks! <3

  3. aahh stop with these cute baby photos, you are making me very broody :-)

  4. She's so precious! So different to Elle in appearance, but still obviously your baby! I think she may end up blonde, like you were as a little one. Her eyes are grey-blue like her grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother... I love her round little cheeks, her darling little hands and feet, her sweet way of sucking her thumb. She is an adorable little person. How wonderful that there is a Mia and an Elle in the world!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! She is absolutely kissable!!!!!

  6. Beautiful! I love that she has ound her thumb, Haven still sucks on the sides of her hands or wrist, she doesn't isolate fingers.
    Looking forward to getting to know your family. How cool is it that our girls are close in age?

  7. Ugh, found, it's almost 4 am, and I'm breastfeeding, obviously my eyes aren't working properly.

  8. Love these little posts to your fairies. They are so heartfelt and I know they'll so enjoy reading them when they're bigger.
    Bless little Mia with her thumb sucking! Aww SO beautiful :)
    Kat xx



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