Saturday 4 June 2011


One of my dear friends runs her own clothing company called Hollie in bloom where she makes darling little dresses and skirts. I am so lucky enough that i have had a number of items made for Elle in exchange for me doing a few photoshoots with Elle and the clothing. The newest dress is this beautiful one.

It is such a beautiful dress and looks perfect on Elle with her auburn curls. I have a lovely lace skirt to photograph next which i am drafting up ideas on how to do the shoot and we also have a shoot in the next week with Elle, my neice and Helen's (the owner of Hollie in bloom) daughter, Hollie. We are making the A frame tent i mentioned in a few posts backs, posted originally by Cakies. I am very excited about it and the dresses for the shoot look just lovely.



  1. That is such a lovely little dress! Helen is so clever!
    It's funny that they say people with red/ginger/auburn hair shouldn't wear red clothes - this looks fab on Elle!
    Sweet photos too - you are also clever!

  2. I seriously love every single photo you have on here. one of my fave photo blogs. What a great trade, photos of your darling little one and a pretty dress...



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