Sunday 19 June 2011

His day.

Today was fathers day. A special day for my darling husband but unfortunataly he had to go to work today and will be there until around midnight. We wanted to show him this morning how much we love him and how much we appreciate him. He does so much for his girls and we completely adore him. He is so thoughtful, caring and funny (but dont tell him i said that!!).
Elle made him a card and it took her two days to complete it as she wanted to make it "really pretty". We had to go out for more glitter. She knew exactly what she wanted to paint. She also drew her daddy. She is two years old and her drawing is shocked me! She is so clever and even did the drawing in orange to match her daddys hair! I am very proud of her. We also bought him a book on gardening. He is always out in the garden planting his flowers and growing his vegetables and watering and repotting and so on. He seemed to like his present.

Elle's drawing of her daddy.

The card Elle made from her and Mia

Last night i baked Gilles some spiced chocolate orange cupcakes for his special day. We shared them with our lovely neighbours and everyone seemed to give them a thumbs up.

We love you papa bear. x

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  1. That's just The Best Father's Day post I have read today!
    It is lovely - Elle is a clever little girl and her daddy is wonderful. Mia is good at smiling - that's an achievement for such a small person, so I'm sure her daddy appreciated her contribution as much as Elle's!
    Happy (double) Father's Day to you Gilles! xx



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