Saturday 11 June 2011

Carnival and Cupcakes

Today was the carnival in my town. We are really lucky as the carnival parade comes right past my house. We danced on the side of the street and had a lovely time watching all the floats go past. After the parade, we followed it up to the Abbey where there were stalls and a fair. I took some photographs of Elle in her Hollie-in-bloom dress. She had such a lovely time and went on many rides. She is such a brave girl. This swing chair ride went faster than i expected and her face just had the biggest grin on! It always makes my heart swell watching her have fun.
Mia watched a little of the parade but then fell asleep on my chest (throughout the noisy parade!!) so i snuggled her up in her pram and she stayed asleep the rest of the time

Today, i had a little parcel of Wilton nozzles for my piping bag. I have always loved baking and seem to be enjoying it more and more and wanting to learn about cake decorating. I have bought myself a book on making your own sugarcrafted decorations and piping techniques and i am so excited to give everything ago. Yesterday, i made chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Here is my entry to the Paper Mama's photo contest: Green.

The Paper Mama



  1. love the last shot! So adorable! Love the cupcake shot too!

  2. These are so beautiful and dreamy!! That red hair and sweet little hat: so precious!



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