Tuesday 17 May 2011

To my girls..

Dear Elle

i love how you dont like people visiting unless you have your fairy dress on
i love how when you get out your pretties, you put all your bracelets around your ankles
i love the face you pull when you are pretending to be angry but really you want to laugh
i love your four little pointy vampire teeth.
i love how you always tell me i am pretty
i love your delicate little voice.
i love the way you always seem to run or skip everywhere and never walk
i love how you stroke my nose and ears when you are trying to fall asleep
i love how when you do something good and i say thank you darling, you say "say thank you elle"
i love your sheer determination to do everything and when you do, you get so excited and shout "i did it myself!"

Dear Mia

i love your sweet sweet face.
i love the noise you make just before you are about to sneeze and just after you yawn
i love how when you smile, you stick your tongue out
i love how mesmorized you become when you look at your sister. You can see how much you love her
i love how when i put you in the bath, you just lay there contently as if the water is where you belong. Like a mermaid
i love your soft little voice when you coo back at me.
i love our moby wrap hours when you fall asleep on my chest stroking me.
i love when i nurse you how you hold on to the end of my hair. Everytime.

I am so in love with my two girls. They are my world and i am so excited to see their relationship as they grow. I believe they will be best friends. They love each other so much already.


  1. I simply loved this. It is so beautiful. I would love to have another girl after Lily. Sisters are so special.


  2. How lovely, Keri-Anne! They are gorgeous little girls. You're a lucky mummy to have them - and I'm a lucky auntie to have all 3 of you, plus Caroline and Alexie too! And James & Garth... I am so spoiled.
    I love All my girls and Both my boys!



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