Saturday 14 May 2011

a saturday in pictures

 This morning, i took the girls along the water to the park to watch their daddy play tennis. Elle absoutly loved seeing her daddy play. She sat nicely beside the courts picking daisies, buttercups and dandelions. Then decided to climb the fence!! She has no fear.
The rest of today resulted in searching for pretty sleepsuits for Mia as she is going into 0-3 months now but i didnt find any i liked. I wanted some delicate floral ones or rosebud ones in pastel colours. They all seem to be bright colours right now.I am sure ebay wont let me down. Once the girls are sleeping, i shall be shopping on there.

Mia is doing so well with her feeding. She has done a complete u-turn from feeding all day to having half hour feeds every four hours (and going six hours ib the night!!). I am so happy i listened to my insticts to carry on nursing. I could have easily gave up and put her on bottles but i just couldnt and was determined to carry on. Now feeding is a lovely time as i know i wont be sitting for hours on end and leaving Elle to play by herself. I have more time for Elle and she has returned back to her happy self. I just feel completely happy now.

I hope your weekend is lovely. x


  1. beautiful pictures, I am glad you are all doing so well and are so happy and content!! I cannot wait to have little ones of my own one day, your blog makes me dream about my our own little family me and my boy will one day have, hopefully in the not too distant future!!

    I love that last picture of elle climbing the fence too, so cute and cheeky!!


  2. oh, such sweet, sweet pictures!!!!
    have a great weekend!

  3. Your girls are absolutely beautiful - they take after you!

  4. I am so glad you stuck with the nursing and it's working out! It is so worth it in the long run (at least for Elle and I) I adore these photos, just gorgeous! I suppose it helps, having a gorgeous family ;)

  5. oh i love all these photos but especially the last one



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