Thursday 28 April 2011


Every year, we visit the bluebell woods. It is a wood that is right at the bottom of a field that hardly anyone knows about. And it is my most favourite place in the entire world. Today was Mia's first visit. I took her in the moby wrap and she slept for most of the way. We stopped to sit down underneath a tree and i lay Mia down in the bluebells. And just like her sister did on her first visit to the woods, she grabbed a handful of bluebells and put them straight into her mouth!

Elle wasnt with us today as she had nursery, but we are taking her to a different bluebell wood on monday to take some pictures of her in the bluebells. I am excited to have both girls running through the woods next spring. And i am excited for the photographs too!



  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely... Can Mia tell us if bluebells are good to eat? Bluebell pie anyone?
    Enjoy your bluebells on Monday too!

  2. what a lovely place! and your little fairies are adorable.



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