Friday 1 April 2011

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Hello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Keri-Anne. I am a wife to Gilles and a mama to Elle (aged 6) and Mia (aged 3). We live in a little town in the middle of England but we dream of living in the countryside and maybe having some ducks in the back garden. I have always had a huge passion for photography and i have recently launched myself as a creative product photographer.

I use this blog to record memories. I love to document our days so we can all look back on them when the girls are older. I also blog about my crafts, photography and baking. Thank you for reading and please stay a while and say hello. I would like that very much.

Here is a list of all of my favourite posts!


Are you married? Yes, Gilles and i got married a week before my 21st. You can read our love story here.

How old are you all? I am 28. Gilles is 29. Elle is 6 and Mia is 3.

Where do you live? We live in a town called Northampton in England.

What camera do you use? I wrote a photography FAQ that you can read here.

Who designed your blog? I have setup the whole blog. I made the banner and the deer drawing in the header is by The other illustrations near the top of the page are by 

What are your jobs? I am a stay at home mum and a creative product photographer. Gilles is head technician for a technical crew hiring company.

Whats your inspirations? I answer that question here.

Where can i buy your photography work? You can buy it here in my etsy shop.

I would love to send you some products for you to review/wear/take photographs of your girls wearing? Please send me an email at I would love to work with you but i will only accept things that i like and would recommend to others. I offer a variety of options on how we can collaborate so just pop me and email and we can discuss :)

What are you favourite films/books/music? My favourite film is The children of green knowe. I also love the secret garden, finding neverland, labyrinth and a walk to remember. My favourite authors are Francesca Lia Block, Enid Blyton and Beatrix Potter. My favourite music varies a lot. I love music from pink floyd to trespassers william to Bon Iver. My very favourite song is A perfect day by Miriam Stockley. It gives me butterflies every single time.

If you have any questions you would like added here, email me at  i would love to hear from you :)


I have over 1000 blog followers. All of my blog posts go through my social media accounts. If you choose to do a giveaway/guest post/sponsor post or collaborate with me, then you will be reaching over 27,000 followers! My blog is ranked at PR3. Please email me at for my media pack.

Instagram: 18,400+ followers (main) 1,600+ (personal)
Flickr: 3500+ followers
Twitter: 1100+ followers
Facebook: 1600+ followers
Pinterest: 8300+ followers

My blogging journey.

I started a blog when i was 18 on livejournal. I loved sharing parts of my life and documenting my days. I loved making friends and taking inspiration from others lives. A few years later, i moved over to blogger where i started a photography blog. I did a few updates of Elle as she grew but it was mainly to update with my new work and news. After i had Mia, i wanted to start a completely new blog and document my girls lives as they grew. I set up a new blog and blogged there for a year and a half (sweet days with elle and mia and then changed the name to i was the sea). My passion for blogging grew and i knew that it was something i will always want to do. I became increasingly bored with the url i had set up. I was known as gingerlillytea across my other social networks and made the decision to import the whole of that other blog onto my photography blog which was this blog you are reading here. I felt more at home being gingerlillytea.


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  2. Finally, another soul that likes Labyrinth;)

  3. Found your blog through Home-made Happiness. Beautiful photography. I was wondering about your husband's name and where it is from. I'm Dutch and it sounds like a Dutch name! Your favourite films don't surprise me, the images of your life look like scenes from fantasy tales. Just wonderful. x

    1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by. His name is French. His dad worked for formula 1 and Gilles was named after the racing driver, Gilles Villeneuve. xxxxxx

  4. What a beautiful blog and gorgeous girls, have you thought about doing photography workshops? I could certainly do with some tips! If you would like to do a guest post on my website on the subject I would be so pleased. xx

  5. Have just found you through your Argos competition.
    My name is also Keri and I live in Northamptonshire, felt it was worth a mention, lol :) x
    I am looking forward to reading your blog and finding out about you & your little family :) x

  6. Wonderful blog, Keri-Anne.

    Your photos are amazing…
    but somehow, I thing your girls will always be your number one priority, not just 'for now…' !
    Emma x.

  7. oh wow your blog is so beautiful , Sarah x

  8. Beautiful blog and beautiful girls, and amazing pictures!

  9. Oh what a beautiful blog! It is just beginning to snow in New Jersey, USA. I have a cup of Orange Honeybush tea beside me, I have a few spare minutes, so I open up my issue of Artful Blogging and find a link on page 3 to this lovely blog. I can't wait to explore your posts. I know I will love what I find. I hope to have a place out of town one day too. I bought two books on runner ducks for myself this Christmas and hope to raise ducks and chickens. Blessings on your day. Kathy

  10. A Perfect Day is my favorite song too!



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