Wednesday 10 July 2024

A magical birthday


July 8th. My birthday. This was the first weekday birthday in years that I wasn't in a job that I could take the day of so it was so lovely to be able to celebrate the whole day.

I sat at my desk with my journal a few days before and thought about what I would like to do on my birthday. A few little moments I wanted to create. One of them was wake early and walk barefoot out into the garden in a pretty dress and clip some of my pastel coloured roses to create a little centrepiece, I also wanted to go to the orangery and sit by the river and have a picnic and then in the evening, I wanted to walk amongst a flower field. I did all three. My husband took the girls to school and I was able to cut my roses and had the help of the cats to add them into some bottles I picked out. We then made up a little lunch picnic and headed to the gardens and orangery where we sat down at the river and watch the carp and then, the girls and I walked in the poppy and chamomile meadow and forest near by before watching Beatrix Potter tales and eating chocolate. A lovely day of just some of my favourite things to do. 


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  1. That’s a beautiful way to spend your birthday 💜



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